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Ok AT&T: Credit where credit is due

Since I complained extensively about my AT&T customer service debacle, it seems only fair to follow up and let you guys know that AT&T Customer Care completely resolved my issue, beyond what I even expected. I went the “ask for everything so you can get some” route and ended up getting everything, so I really can’t complain at this point!

So, to sum up: The manager at the AT&T store lied through her teeth about this stupid tablet being completely, no strings attached free. As it turns out, it came attached with a two year contract (complete with $150 cancellation fee) when we explicitly didn’t want a contract, a $10/mo recurring charge, a $45 activation fee, and a $35 restocking fee upon return to the lying liar who lies. That’s... decidedly not free.


Anyway, I went on a Twitter Rant ™ and got contacted via PM by the social media branch of AT&T Customer Care. After many missed connections, I was beginning to feel disheartened and hopeless. Then we actually got to talk to a Real Human who called us, noted our laundry list of demands, and said he’d get back to us. After five days without contact, we were back to disheartened, but lo! Yesterday the Real Human calls us back and tells us:

  • The contract has been terminated. This removes the recurring $10/mo fee.
  • The $45 activation fee will be credited to our bill.
  • Even the $35 restocking fee will be credited to our bill.

As of right now, all of these things are reflected online when I log into my account. I am very pleased and will be staying with AT&T at this point. Now our bill is going to be reduced by 40% from what it was on our old 2 year contract with 5x the data and this whole mess got resolved within a couple weeks without any escalation needed.

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