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This is another work rant, which I feel like is all I talk about these days, but ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

As I’ve said before, our department is down a person and I’ve been picking up that slack for the last couple of months. The person we ended up hiring is someone currently in another department here.


My boss sent out an email this morning to let us know she’s taking Christmas through New Year’s off. Some friends and I were talking about doing a New Year’s trip so I was like, better finalize that and submit my time off request. I only really needed the Friday before New Year’s weekend off, although I was hoping to get Thursday as well. But it turns out one of my coworkers is out for medical reasons those two days, and the person who is moving departments already put in a request with her current boss for time off for a few days before Thanksgiving, the week of Christmas through New Year’s, and the week before MLK day.

So now my plans are fucked and also... ARE YOU SERIOUS? Her current department is much bigger than ours so it’s probably not as big a deal to go away, but you’re going away in November, again in December, and again in January? Cool. That’s just great.


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