Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

Things that pretty much never happen to me/I never do:

I almost never get called in for job interviews.

I never go out on Sunday night.

I never forget my phone.

I never get important messages.

So tonight I had dinner with a friend, followed by a taping of a comedy podcast I like, and OF COURSE I forget my phone at home and OF COURSE the person I’m supposed to interview with tomorrow morning for a job I desperately want (not to mention desperately need) emails me twice and then calls me. And I wasn’t able to get back to her for five hours (she was possibly already asleep by the time I was able to email back, and therefore thinks that I never bothered to answer her.)


This is after I already had to ask to reschedule the interview.

I think all this makes me look irresponsible and hard to reach, and I am really, truly, neither of those things. Obviously I don’t think fate is conspiring against me, but I kinda feel like fate is conspiring against me.


Because how is it possible that the one time I go out on a Sunday night is also the one time I forget my phone is also the one time I actually need my phone?

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