I'm taking the plunge! I am reactivating my old OKC account, and redoing it since my life has changed since the last time I made one. I feel like some of the essay questions are a bit lame—most private thing I'm willing to admit? Six things I can't live without? Blah.

I haven't put up pictures yet because I need to pick out some good ones first, but I was hoping to get some advice and critique on my essay answers, especially from any straight male GT-ers, since straight dudes are who I am trying to attract!

This shouldn't be too bad in terms of doxxing since there are no pictures up yet, so I figure I'll just link to my profile from here? Let me know if the link doesn't work or if I should just do block quotes. <3 and thanks everyone!

Update: I was going through the visitors to my page and I have higher match scores with all the women than I do with the men. Just a thing I noticed.

UPDATE: I have received my first message! It is nice enough, but the guy asks where I would go if I could go anywhere in the world, and right there on my profile it says I want to go to Turkey more than anywhere else. So...?