Here's to riding on croguesberg's date-happiness coattails! Another tale of success:

I went on a super-success first date on Friday thanks to OKC, too! And then a second date the next day. This fellow is so fun he made me break my rule about not seeing a new date too often too soon. And we're seeing each other again on Thursday. When I told him I wasn't a fan of poutine (fry sogginess yuck) he said he'd make me crisps and gravy and we'd watch Rushmore together. He's a caterer and I'm happy to give him the opportunity to show off his skillz :)

Here's the weird part tho: whereas all my previous successful OKC dates have ended in fun sex on the first date (I'm looking primarily for casual stuff right now so that works well for me) he made me so woozy I couldn't kiss him til the end of date 2, and then only a peck as he was stepping onto the bus. He nearly fell over and I nearly succumed to mimed fainting then ran from the bus stop in a haze, I was so damn giddy. I feel like a teenager. I went to parties after each of these dates and felt so high I didn't need a single drink to keep up with my drunk-ass friends. Adult me doesn't trust herself to make good choices in this state of mind but the rest of me realizes it's been years since I felt this way and it seemed to be reciprocated, so why not just let it happen? It's not what I was looking for but maybe it's what I need?