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OK Cupid Idiocy

So now that I've been on OK Cupid for over a week, the messages have slowed down a bit. But the weirdness continues. Guy #3 from my original post has now sent me five additional messages, most consisting of "Hey, how are you?" type stuff, but there was the baffling "It's my birthday today, what did you get me?" message he sent. The following are the two best messages I have received over the last week:

1. "Very attractive. Would love to exchange photos and get to know each other. My situation is that I am married to a black lady but things are not great and I was thinking it would be nice to find one white lady to become friends with. Well I don't mean to offend you but your pix caught my eye. So, Check out my profile and if your curious (open minded) hit me back ;)"


To which I snottily replied: "Umm...yeah. Maybe things aren't going great in your marriage because you're an asshole who is trying to cheat on your wife. Grow a pair and either work things out with her or file for divorce."

2. "How do you feel about guys with "modifications"
(implants...piercings...that sort of thing)

The reason I ask, is some of them might be a bit on the unusual end of the
spectrum...(no steel mohawks or anything like that), none for aesthetic purposes
but a lot of women seem to have a eww thing... and not willing to take the time
or too prudish to find out "why" they are there

The implants are just 5 silicone rings that go all of the way around at the base
of me, so not too weird, just a bit unusual.."

So yeah, things are going well. There is a guy I've been chatting with I might go get drinks with, just as friends. We're both new to the area and are looking for cool restaurants and bars, so we might meet up to try a new place.

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