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OK Cupid Is Full of Bigots And They Talk To Me

Apparently if you're black, female and an atheist, you'll get a whole bunch of messages from black Christian guys who want you to find Jesus. But before they do, they'll assume you agree with whatever bigoted nonsense they spout because you are also black.

I reactivated my OK Cupid account the day before yesterday and I've gotten at least 30 messages from Christian guys who I responded to because I thought it was rude not to respond at all. I think I should just start ignoring because even if I make it clear that I'm not interested, they don't care.

"Well I think you're sexy". Who the fuck cares? I sure as shit don't.


"You aren't giving me a chance." I did, by talking to you just now. But you've proven yourself to be a bigoted asshole so, no I'm not interested. Leave me the fuck alone.

"You should find Jesus. He's the only way to true salvation." Sure sweetheart, I'll keep that in mind.


I've very quickly remembered that most dudes do not read your profile at all. And if you tell them that you're not interested, they'll ask if they can "just be friends" with you. Which is nonsense.


What is really annoying me is the ones who get weirded out when I tell them no, I don't have problems with gay people. Yes, I am an actual atheist. And no, I don't think creationism is a thing that should be taught in schools.

One response I got was, "Why? YOU BLACK." As though because of this fact I should also subscribe to his ignorant crap. There are black atheists, folks. We might be as rare as unicorns, but we're out there. Please don't assume I hate gay people because of the color of my skin.


**Just to make it clear, I don't think all black Christian guys are horrible. Just the ones on OK Cupid who tell me to find Jesus when I tell them I'm not interested in having sex with them**

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