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OK Cupid silliness

So, I reactivated my profile a few months ago, with very low expectations, and they have indeed been met. You've heard all of the horror stories, I don't need to regale you with more. But I have a question. How many profiles do you think are ghost-written by either professionals or more literate friends of the person in the profile? Because I frequently come across pretty good profiles and then the email sounds like it's written by a 3rd grader or someone who isn't a native english speaker. Latest example:

I love that song. As a good owner that's sentiment of getting what you did but you deserve is rings very true.
I live in west Philadelphia and your pen and like to take for you for told grass drink a nice warm cup of coffee & engaging in good conversation.

If you're interested right back. I can tell you a lot more

This is from a guy who purports to have a master's degree in social work and works as a counselor. His profile is written perfectly well; it's not great literature but it's just fine. And even if he's a non-native English speaker, if he has a master's degree and has been working in the US in the same field for 40 years, he should be able to write better than that. Was he drunk? WTF??? and why? Why is this all I'm getting? I'm really sad about being single you guys. I really, really am. It's been years and years and I want a partner in life. I'm so sad about it. And then this shit. I'm ready to blow up my computer.


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