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Ok Fine I Will Read Zoo 2 and Be The Guinea Pig

I got this at a thrift shop. Sorry even a dollar for 145 pages and large print is 75 ceñts too much. No idea who would pay $4.99 for it.

But do not worry this is just the first month of James Patterson Bookshots in the back pages he has more coming and lots of romances. Well maybe he read what I wrote about him being a One Man Harlequin Company to heart.


I kinda liked the first novel. Far different then the tv series. I only watched the first few episodes and got tired of it. Oddly I liked how the show would jump to various people outside the cast to show what was happening in the world. This would have been a good idea for WWZ. The main characters grated on my nerves.

So anyways I will read Zoo 2 tonight, hopefully.

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