Sweater-vest enthusiast and presidential poop-joke Rick Santorum is now in charge of a movie studio! Do not fear, gentle Christian readers, Santorum didn't go soft on you, he is still as fascist and frothy as ever. EchoLight Studios will be making Christian movies to plant Christian values into the blighted Hellscape that is the American culture. Hot shot of Santorum, coming right up!

"This is the right place and right time, and I've jumped in with both feet," Santorum said in a statement posted on EchoLight's website. "I often say that culture is upstream from politics, and I know entertainment also can be strength and light for people who want to be uplifted and reinforced in their values."

There you have it. See, those latte drinking, arugula salad eating, Prius driving, all-teeth-having, Bush blaming, gay-wedding going, elite liberal Hollywood fat cats will never admit that they are trying to brainwash you into being a leftist and caring about other people and shit. Santorum is the type of man that will straight-up tell you he is crafting propaganda.

They already have two films in the pipe that sound like real stinkers. Anyone have any movie ideas that they would like to pitch to Santorum?