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Ok, I Got My Kitty's Diet Situated!

I mostly want to write this all out on here so I remember for tomorrow when I talk to my mom.

First off, thank you all SO MUCH for the advice! I especially want to thank totallysanecatlady for talking to me so much and all of the information you gave me. But seriously, you're all awesome and I appreciate all the help.

The big problem is that my mom and I both grew up with dogs, not cats. So we're both trying to break the habit of feeding her like a dog. It's obviously a bit easier for me.


So, what I'm gonna do is this. It's still snow storming here so I probably won't be able to get to Petco until Sunday or Monday. For now, we have a bag of Meow Mix and a few cans of Friskies wet food. For the next few days, I'm going to start weaning her off the dry food. I want her to eventually be down to about 1/6-1/8 cup of dry food daily, if any at all, and right now she's eating about 1/2 cup daily. So I'll stay doing that, and obviously less treats. I'm going to ask my vet specifically how much dry/wet food to give her, in terms of calories, but until I get to see him I'm just going to use these guidelines

I browsed Petco's website and it looks like the most affordable option for me right now is Natural Balance, so I'm going to pick up both wet and dry food when I get to the store. Then I'll flat out switch the wet food and wean her onto the new brand of dry food.

I'm also gonna pick her up a brush of some kind, cuz she's shedding like crazy, and some new toys to keep her more active.

But before all that, I'm gonna go at my mom tomorrow about all of this. Siren is obviously not in perfect health. She's not "sick," per se. But she's sluggish and very tired, her nose is kind of dry, she has dandruff and she's scratching a lot due to dry skin. Not to mention she's been having some poop problems lately. Also her coat is a bit on the dull side as of late.


Thankfully she's only 2 and she's not picky about food, so switching brands won't be a problem and she's still decently active.

Another thing I will probably do tomorrow is *gulp* give her a bath. She's smelly and still has some poop on the butt fluff. I'm sure she'll love that.

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