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Ok I Need Halp (Not Serious Issue AT ALL)

So basically, one of my best guy friends is just having the worst luck ever lately. Between being broke and family shit and working 6 days a week, he's just a super sad panda. To top it off, his car broke down today. Now obviously this sucks, but it sucks even more because he just got this car as his LAST one broke down, too (I keep telling him to stop buying cars off of random people on the internet but does he listen? Nooooo.).

So me being the awesome friend that I am is like "I'm gonna get him a present!" I mean, everyone likes presents! Thus begins the quest of what to get him (not to mention I owe him a birthday gift, from his birthday in...March). He likes lots of stuff, but most importantly he loves music and Bioshock Infinite. Since he owns more band t-shirts than he knows what to do with, I decided on a Bioshock shirt.

Now here is where the problem lies. First off, THERE'S SO MANY SHIRTS TO CHOOSE FROM. I never played this game despite receiving it for my birthday from the friend in question. I keep going back to the "Just DeWitt" one because I personally think it's clever and my friend made his last name "DeWitt" on Facebook because he's the coolest person I know. Anyone who played Bioshock Infinite, thoughts!


Second problem, I have no clue what size to get him. He's 6' tall and roughly 190 lbs (this is a guess. He might be slightly less or more. Definitely no more than 200, definitely no less than 180). I'm trying to refer to the size chart on this page but I just...I don't understand. Like, the size "large" seems really small (23" chest?! MY chest is 36" and I'm a frakking MEDIUM). I asked my other friend who's roughly the same weight (albeit shorter) and he said he wears an XL, but that also seems tiny (from this company, which happens to be American Apparel *shudder*). But I'm afraid if I go for the 3XL it's gonna be hella huge.

If anyone has opinions on the shirts, or a better website to obtain them, or has a good guess on what gorram size I should get, PLEASE HALP.

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