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Ok, just a stupid job-related query now

I'm feeling really sad right now because I had a job interview last week wednesday. It went really well with the first person I interviewed with, and she had me schedule a second interview with another manager, which I did that same day. She told me that they were interviewing other people for the job (very in demand, as far as retail jobs go) and that they would have a decision in a week. And it's been a week and I've heard nothing. Right now I'm assuming they've already hired someone else and just neglected to call all the losing job candidates. I'm planning on calling them tomorrow, but really, if I got the job wouldn't they have already called? If I was a strong job candidate wouldn't they have just hired me then and there instead of doing another week of interviews? I'm in a seriously bad way about this right now. Someone please cheer me up. This job search is hell, even though i'm looking well below what I got my degrees in no one will hire me.


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