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Ok, Need Help!

I've written out a rough speech. I'm not done yet and am kind of stuck at the groom part. Please give all the criticisms and advice!

My name is Bottom, for those of you who don’t know me and I am {Brides} Maid of Honor and sister. So I didn't meet her at a dive bar while she was dancing on a table with asparagus up her nose and a drink in her hand, I met her when she was born. I didn't go to sorority rushes with her and help her do keg stands, we watched the Little Mermaid and The Sound of Music on laser disc in the living room. So the stories I have of her are pretty tame, maybe even boring compared to stories the bridesmaids probably have.
We liked to read a lot growing up and at one point we spent an entire day organizing all of our books into a makeshift library. For the rest of the week we even “checked out” books from it. It’s a little nerdy sounding I know, but it was pretty awesome. We would play video games for hours. We even had a system for playing single player games together- I would have the controller and would do “the work” and {Bride} would be my navigator. She would tell me where to go and remind me to do certain things, because I was always panicky and all over the place. She was the Sailor Mercury to my Sailor Moon. We obviously also watched a lot of tv and movies. We were team, all the time. We did everything together and were always there for each other. We were Harry Potter and Ron Weasely, C3PO and R2D2, Merry and Pippin and maybe even a little bit of Thor and Loki when we disagreed. We were a pretty epic duo.
But for a while now I have been usurped. Once {Bride} met {Groom}, our Hollywood level dynamic just couldn’t compare. I remember seeing them together years ago and just knowing that he was the perfect guy for her.


I want to keep it kind of short, but I also want it to sound nice and thoughtful. What do you guys think so far?


Thank you guys SO MUCH for all the nice comments! You have totally boosted my self esteem and confidence with this speech! I really appreciate all the feedback. :)

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