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Ok. Now I Honestly Hate Skyler White


I have never fully understood why one's dislike of Skyler has to be rooted in some kind of misogyny — what's wrong with just disliking her wishy-washiness or passive aggression or lame relationship with her son? You can dislike BOTH Skyler and Walt, for different reasons. I mean, if you hate her because she's got lady bits and you think she's villainously opposed to your tragically miscalculated understanding of Walt-as-Hero, then you just don't get the show, and I'm sorry for you. But I've always just disliked her as a character; perhaps a better explanation is that I simply don't get her motivations. She isn't as complex or dynamic as other characters, and I feel the writers have never fully made up their minds about what to do with her. For a more thorough explanation of why she just makes me cock my head in confusion, there's this and this.


Anyhow, I think last night was the last straw for me. HERE BE SPOILERS, Y'ALL. Her slurping down vodka and hissing at Walt to kill Jesse?! Sweet fuzzy pajamas, lady. It's just the final instance of her being a completely inconsistent character, much less any kind of moral compass. Oh, and Fuck Hank, too. And the Purple Mineral Horse he rode in on. Part of me hopes Jesse will just get the fuck out of Dodge and let them all murder each other. Ugh.

Predictions for how Jesse will really "get" Walt? I think he's going to lure him back into making meth by producing his own and calling himself 'Heisenberg' and Walt's ego won't be able to stand it. Walt's ego/Pride, like Lucifer in Paradise Lost (i.e. Breaking Bad, Restoration Edition) is what's gonna fuck him up.

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