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Ok. Ok? Ok. Ok. Let's have a nice post to calm down. Ok? Ok. WE'RE ALL CALM HERE EVERYTHING'S FINE STOP HASSLING ME

OT. Whatever. I don’t care. “Pretty” is my happy place. Here is some art I like by a local New Orleans artist whom I do not personally know but enjoy her pieces very much.


Here is some fun creative stuff by a friend who likes nerd things and has a laser machine (you nerds might like it too). He was featured on Kotaku a long time ago, even! He teams up with artists around the country to laser things.


Here is the Instagram of a chihuahua I like.

Here is the Instagram of a teenage artist who can somehow match any paint color she tries.


Here is the Instagram of an artist who does paint mixing videos - very soothing - I’ve shared her before.

Here is my Instagram, where I posted a cheesy “I <3 NOLA” thing on the same day my car got booted BY MISTAKE by the city. Still waiting on my $200 refund.

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