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OK, seriously? Fuck Mercury and whatever it does to fuck with you!

I'm not sayin' I believe in the whole astrology thing, but just like the full moon regulates the tides (and many women's cycles), I am 100% SURE that the rest may be BS, but Mercury going retrograde FUCKS YOUR SHIT UP.

Amongst plenty of other problems (all of which are of the $$$ variety, because I can handle other shit like a boss) my freaking aquarium filter motor bit the dust today. Shit's less than a year old. :( The irony is that I finally got around to changing part of my (disgustingly dirty) goldfish's water today (we might need to talk about dirty, dirty goldfish and how to keep their goddamned tanks from looking like a cesspool later), scrubbed down the sides of the tank and.. well, and nothing. Went to turn the motherfucking filter back on and got total silence.



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