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OK, seriously, y'all, is this normal?

OK, so I'm being a bit spammy tonight, but what the hell. So I went to make dinner for the boys and I, and is the chicken I had planned to use in the freezer? No. Is ANY of the food I have bought in the past week in the freezer? No. The fridge? No. What IS in the fridge, you ask? OK, you didn't, but I'm going to proceed as if you did. Macaroni and Cheese. LOTS of macaroni and cheese. Enough macaroni and cheese to feed an army. So guess what we had for dinner? Yes. Macaroni and cheese.

I supply photographic evidence with quart of yoghurt for size comparison so that you may all marvel at the amount of macaroni and cheese the Wedded Asshole felt it necessary to make at some time after midnight and before 6am. This container was PACKED FULL, y'all. STUFFED.


We're talking at least 5 pounds of the stuff. So I ask you: What kind of person makes five pounds of mac and cheese at 2 am? A high person. That is all I can come up with. A person who is high and has eaten four chicken breasts and needs something to use as a side dish.

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