I need the fashion advice, Oh Great Hivemind. I was very much a grown-up a few weeks ago and bought a new winter coat. This has not happened since before I was pregnant with the Nanobot. So, about 11 years? The coat that I bought then was a lovely long black wool thing, but it's still too small for me as well as being somewhere in the house I no longer live in. I have used various combinations of sweatshirts and wraps and coats that didn't fit for a very long time. The coat I used last year was nice and warm, but it's a man's coat that was a bit too big last year and it has grown in the intervening time. Also, it's still somewhere in the house I no longer live in. So, when I saw this lovely red wool coat on sale for half price (thank you, JC Penney) I decided to not freeze this winter.

Pretty, yes? And red. Appropriate.

So, here's my problem. I need a hat. Last year, I bought a brown hat to go with my brown coat and brown purse and brown scarf. It was a cloche hat. Basically, this:

Not bad, and it did the job. But I never really liked it. Here are my issues with hats:


1) I have a leeeetle head. Hats never fit me. Toboggans always creep up my head until I have a bizarre reservoir tip like I'm a human condom made of knitting. That cloche was the closest thing to a fit that I could find at Target on the day I had to go shopping, and it was still too big.

2) I cannot stand hats that get in my line of vision. Baseball caps and I do not get along. I'm constantly pushing hats up and away from my face because they get in my eyes and I can't stand it. That cloche would have been OK if it would have stayed further back on my head, but see point 1. Too big. Always falling down over my eyes and then every time I blinked my eyelashes would bump it and I would start getting irritable and headachy and want to hurt things.


3) The collar on that coat is fairly high in the back, which is a good thing in a coat. Also, you can take that wide collar and button it up so it covers your neck and the bottom of your face. Another good thing in a coat. But because of point 1, every hat I try gets all fighty with the collar of my coat, which pushes it up and into my face and eyes and see point 2.

I would really like to look like not an idiot. I would actually like to look stylish for once in my life. So, what kind of hat should I look for? And where? Color advice is welcome as well. I would love to get something bright, if I could pull it off and it would work. My bag is lime green. (The brown purse was not very me. It also fell apart. Ah, well.) I'll need a scarf and gloves, too, but those tend to be a bit easier and can follow the hat. (Well, I'm just resigned to all gloves being too big for my wee handsies. The only gloves that ever fit are those stretchy knit ones and those actually make my hands colder, so no.)


Halp, please? I don't want to end up with a fez. Or maybe I do. Fezzes are cool.