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I must react to Game of Thrones and Orphan Black!

First off, GoT:

1) Evidently, a "real Northern drink" is milk? Maybe they're white russians? Whatever. How did Jon Snow manage to live up there for that long and never be given this before?


2) Yup, I want the Arya/Brienne buddy comedy.

3) Also, speaking of Arya, that was cold, girl. Guess she really hadn't gained some affection for ol' Sandor after all, huh? If she had, she would have killed him.

4) Ummmm....... so you come all the way to the Bloody Gate, hear that your aunt is dead, and nobody thinks to send word up to the castle about you? You don't say, "Hey, that sucks, who is in charge, maybe my cousin will put me up for a night or two?" Really?

5) Oh, Cersei. I'm not sure that was the best decision you could have made. But I guess it's all moot now. You should really be thanking your brother.


6) Still think it would have been better with the chain of hands, but OK.


1) DAMMIT, RACHEL! Why did you have to go and become more extra special psycho, instead of working with your sisters? Clearly, the rashness gene breeds true 100% of the time.


2) And speaking of the rash psycho gene.... Oh, Helena. Damn, girl. And really, WTF was up with the fish cult people? Now we may never know.

3) I'm kinda starting to love Donnie. Of course, only Alison would reconcile with her husband over hiding a body. AND TIE IT UP IN A STYLISH SHOWER CURTAIN WITH SNAZZY PINK CIRCLE DESIGNS AND USE MATCHING HOT PINK DUCT TAPE. We love you, Alison. Never change.


4) If they kill off Cosima, I'm going to be very upset.

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