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OK Stupid, meaning me.

I know I should not have responded, but it seems I do this after I've ignored a sizable amount of bullshit that lands in my OKC inbox; I respond to one.

Sometimes it's a verbal smack~down of some particularly egregious nonsense. Sometimes it's the accumulation of the assorted "you're hot for an old lady". I never respond to obvious cut & pastes...until today. Eye opening, to say the least.

I will say I've had some lovely conversations & phone calls in response to people, too. And a couple of decent dates that did not end in a romantic connection.


I know, I was a bit evil today. Can't say I feel all that bad after this collection of responses.

ETA: MaudeLebowski29 is really the champion OKC Responder. Funny as hell :)

here goes:

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