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Okay Computer Geeks, I Need More Advice!

I have narrowed the field to an Asus Transformer T100 or T300.


A ZaReason Strata 7440 (Although I don't really need that CD/DVD RW at all)


A System 76 15.6 Gazelle Professional.

The last two companies build the computer here in the States, and so, that is appealing. They use Ubunto or Linux Mint, and I am unfamiliar with these and would love to hear viewpoints.


The Asus is great, and perfect for my needs EXCEPT only 2GB Ram. If I buy one with 4 GB ram, it goes up $400. Which is a lot. And it's a hybrid, although a very good one. I'm a small person, so I don't really have keyboard issues to contend with either.

The System 76 is a bit expensive for my needs and has a few things I don't need, but wouldn't hate or anything.

The Zareason:

The System 76:


The ASUS Transformer T100:


The ASUS Transformer T300:



Thanks for putting up with my dithering, and if anyone could share this to a place where more knowledgeable people are, I would like that.

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