I have been trudging through the show. I understand a lot of people think it's slow, and depressing...maybe that's just my jam right now? I don't know, I haven't been hating it, or loving it. Just mostly intrigued by it. Last night's episode, though...

Spoilers, sort of.

The episode about Gladys was almost too much to bear. I still have no clue what the cult is about or what in the ever loving fuck the smoking is about (although I suspect it's as obvious as an IDGAF attitude about death). But, god, they are all so sad. I mean, Liv Tyler is sad, and she's one of the sunniest people ever. It's been the least compelling story lines, and it's the most dominant one.

Nora Durst, though? OMG. I have watched this episode like 4 times already. Since last night. And I worked an 11 hour day + a 2 hour commute + caring for a toddler so that's no easy feat.

I don't even want to analyze it, it's kind of obvious shit anyhow. I just want to express my love of this episode and my hope for the future. When she breaks down in Crazy Cult Leader's arms, it gives me chills.