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Okay, I think I've had enough of unsupervised children for the week. One smashed my Lush bath products to powder on Christmas Eve. Just now at Target I got smashed in the (pregnant) stomach with a cart being pushed by a 3 maybe 4 year old. His parent or guardian had her back turned and was cutting the line of paying customers at Starbucks by asking for hot water at the hand off area. She didn't even acknowledge her kid was behind her. She asked for water THREE TIMES... the barista was trying to fill orders for paying customers when she finally just got this lady her water because she kept asking. Then she sits there and mixes her hot chocolate packet at the hand off area and requests a napkin, straw and a lid before finally turning around. By that point I'd already been rammed by the cart. It hurt too. I was so irritated (perhaps irrationally) that I didn't want to say anything because I would have likely have been very rude. I can't even say why this upset me to the point that it did. I'm home now and I can still feel the spot where the cart hit me.


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