Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery
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Okay, I'm not weird, right?

So I am totally tapped out of pop music—I know Calvin Harris and Deadmau5, but that's just remnants of my loving electronic music 10 years ago. Katy Perry makes my head hurt, Rihanna seems cool, but her music...whatever. I have heard a few Lady Gaga songs, however, that just KILL ME they are so purely poptastically good. And her videos. I love that's she's so kooky. Her body is insane and actually makes me want to think about maybe exercising a little. The music....it's gooooood.


I know she's popular, I'm just curious if anyone else who never listens to or is struck by pop music feels the same as me. I know you're out there.

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