... for a good ghost story!!!!

The heck with waiting an extra week or so. Let's discuss ghost stories, creepy things we've experienced, and other spooky events.

Here's one from me:

My parents' house has a ghost. It started when they built the house. It's pretty isolated, on this high hill. The workmen complained that a woman was there at night or that they could see her walking from one unfinished room to the next as they built the place. It freaked a few of them out, and they quit! Which ... wow. That's some serious fear of ghosts.

After my parents moved in, the dog would always look in this same empty spot in the same place in the house, and just wag her tail at ... you know ... nothing. Odd, but not conclusive.

One night, my father was up, playing games on the Internet (my father, the gamer!), and out of the corner of his eye, he saw this woman with dark hair, wearing a nightgown type outfit, standing there. He thought it was my mother, of course. Except that he could hear my mother's mighty snore down the hallway ....


He turned quickly, just as she was walking out of the room. He leaped up to follow her, and when he got to the hallway, no one was there. Of course, he turned on every light in the house, looking for the intruder, including waking my mother, who had been fast asleep in her bed.

The next morning, my father had chest pains and was rushed to the hospital. It was a close thing, but they prevented the full heart attack and put in stents. He's fine now, thank heavens.


I like to think that she showed up to warn him or something, but perhaps that's too fanciful. After all, some person will certainly come here to tell me ghosts don't exist. ;)

Now, let's hear your tales ...