I get it. You are in charge. But, I have a few bones to pick.

1. Why is it so many older stories are in the sidebar today? It’s weird.

2. Why are my older comments now suddenly getting stars? It’s disconcerting when something I discuss a year ago, or more, is being read. I refuse to believe people are so bored with their day that they are going through Kinja posts for fun. I refuse. This is YOUR fault, Kinja, isn’t it?

3. Why, when I click on comments to see them, you actually send me to some kind of weird ‘best of kinja’ page??? (Yes, that is actually happening. It’s hilarious and weird.)

4. I believe I’ve got your game now, Kinja.



ISN’T IT??????!!!??????

All this time, and you are a cat. It all makes sense now.