Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

I know its early, but for the moment, before anything gets super negative, who are you all leaning towards?

I will say that it feels somewhat novel to have multiple candidates in the race I would happily support- but I am honestly so confused right now.

I think in terms of straight up policy, there is a large piece of me that really wants to see Elizabeth Warren get it. However, if I’m being real, she honestly scares me a little bit in a general against Trump. And that feels horrifically, frustratingly unfair, but there it is.


I would very happily get on the Kamala train and I have sort of been there, but honestly, I haven’t been super impressed by how she’s responded recently when people have started to challenge her on things. I want her to get a little stronger in that regard-but luckily she’s got a lot of time in that regard.

Kristen Gillibrand, I can’t deny there is a part of me that wants to vote for her as a fuck you to all the people who are trying to freeze her out over Franken.

Bto...oh man, have I not been impressed with his recent rollout. I’m willing to give him time to see if he actually can get his act together, but ...yeah.

Honestly, I increasingly really, really like Mayor Pete. (My sister and I just had a text conversation about this, where we both confessed to each other, that we felt the same way, sort of ashamedly.) I really, really, really would like to find a woman to support in this race. And honestly, the idea of a 37 year old for President keeps breaking my brain. But oh man is he thoughtful. And he just keeps saying everything I want to hear, and phrasing it perfectly.


How are you all feeling these days? (And Im sure this doesnt need to be said. But the idea is just to have a friendly, civil check in)

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