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Welcome To The Bitchery
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Okay, mushy work post

Working as an immigration attorney can be extremely frustrating and sometimes completely heartbreaking. However, nothing feels better than when you win a case you thought was impossible, and you get to tell a client that everything that they have worried about daily for years and years is completely resolved and they have status in this country.


ETA: This country is the United States...obviously the immigration system is absolutely insane here. This woman entered the country fraudulently to escape am abusive relationship, a loooong time ago. She did not retain her fraudulent passport (which...duh) so the chances of us winning were pretty slim. She was so credible and strong throughout the entire process. She deserved “forgiveness” from the government and I am so so shocked and ecstatic that USCIS actually did the right thing.

Basically, I just won a case for a woman that I have been working with since 2013. I have really grown to care about her and her family and I am just SO HAPPY.

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