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okay, okay...I know

I’ve worn out my welcome tonight...but, but , BUTT!

I got the most sentimental, love filled message tonight from one of my oldest & dearest friends.

We met in 9th grade algebra. I had never received a mark less than an A & this class destroyed me. I maintained a C average by doing my teacher’s bulletin boards, seasonally.


Anyway, I slammed in to her 10 years later when I moved to Boston. In a bar over Blues music, we reconnected by accident on the dance~floor. She had moved there, too. We were 24, and picked up where we had left off, making a lifelong friendship.

Every year, I would drive to South Boston and utterly pillage the Lilac bushes there. I’d always leave a note of thanks to the home~owner I robbed. And I’d always bring an arm full of Lilacs to my friend. She sent me a letter that I received today, reminding me of my felonious life back then. I love her!

Here is todays haul that landed in my Mother’s vase. Going back to cut (steal) more tomorrow for my own vase!

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