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I have posted & commented before on the shit show that is OKC.

Well, a man actually invited me out for a date after 2 OKC exchanges & a couple of texts...wait, what? This is promising.

I don't know if there will be chemistry. As I've lamented before, I don't like to get drawn in to witty banter over a protracted period of time via messages. I want to know right away if I want to potentially get in his pants and have him in mine before I expend too much emotional energy.


So, off I go to a lovely restaurant on the river for one of my favorite happy hours. 1/2 price good wines by the glass & FREE SNACKS!!!

I'll update later, if you care to know :)

Update: Goody good.

I arrived on time (as always. I hate late) and he was waiting inside the door for me. I didn't see him right away as I was looking toward the bar. He said, "Krabby? I said, "HIIII!"

We hugged & cheek kissed, which was good. I am demonstratively affectionate & I just can't help or change that. So, he received it like a champ without being stiff, or conversely, handsy.

He'd gotten there about ten minutes early & saw friends of his at the bar unexpectedly. He told me about this & said they were saving their seats for us, which was good, as it is always crowded there but not loud. Adult type place. He also pointed out that it was not planned, just a co-inky dink. Which I believe to be true.


We walked over & he introduced me to his friends. Let's call them Bob & Pete. They are married & obviously devoted & in love. No one has to tell you that, because you could feel it. Yay, my date has gay men friends that he adores, I said to myself.

Bob & Pete were so wonderfully welcoming. SO MUCH TALKING & LAUGHING! Plus, I am the local, always, and fielded 100 questions, happily, to the people who came later & fell in love with my town. They gave us their chairs, and hugged & kissed me goodbye as if we'd been lifelong friends. I REALLY respond to that kind of connection & sincerity. Off to a great start.


Date, let's call him Elvis, & I sit down. The ice is already firmly broken.

Blah, blah, blah....and more blah, blah, blah. WINE! CONVERSATION! LAUGHTER! So much that happy hour snacks were never retrieved.


Elvis said, "You're hungry, aren't you."

Me, "Yes, I haven't eaten all day."

Elvis, "Hey, man (to the bartender) can we have a menu?"

More blah, blah, blah. My small plate arrives, which we share.

We talk about a lot of things and got honest about the important things. Such a relief. As I've said before, not about my past or his, but about our lives & ourselves. Plus, laughing. We probably could have stayed another hour or two, but I wrapped it up at 8pm. It was the prudent thing to do, plus I had my Father's medication and I had to bring it to my Mother.


Summary...GREAT DATE! I was honest about the "in the pants" thing, which can take couple of whiles. And he understood, bless him (no patronization).

We are going out together again. SUCH a nice evening, my friends!!

love y'all~

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