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Okay, Stationery Thangs....

I tried to split these out into groups that made some sense, but it was hard and I am rushing. I didn't want to group a bunch of photo albums or journals together since I figured people wouldn't want a bunch of one thing. So, most have a combination of an album or journal(s), boxed cards and cards. I also tried to split out card occasions so there is a mix in each group. On boxed cards, there may be pieces missing here and there, but I looked to make sure they were full so you won't get a boxed card with like 1 piece in it.

The last time I threw some things to sell up someone commented that I was asking too much. I try my best to gauge the appropriateness of what things should cost but of course it's not a perfect science and my thoughts may be different than yours, so if you feel like I am asking too much just tell me or make me an offer, we're all friends here. Shipping included in the prices listed below.


Group 1 ($20) - Photo album (2-up with space to write on the side), two spiral journals (travel and culinary notes, about 5.5 x 4), Cavallini Paris labels, 6 cards (mix of letterpress and other).

Group 2 ($15) - Starry night boxed note (assorted), journal, handmade boxed holiday cards, boxed letterpress cards (oh believe it, I am the queen), 10 cards (mix of handmade and humor mostly.


Group 3 ($10) - Mostly holiday boxed, recycled boxed (3), Quoteable cards (1 plus a few extra) and handmade paper notes (in the blue box, notes are cream colored).


Group 4 ($20) - Two small fabric ribbon bound photo albums (cute gifts), Mudlark boxed holiday cards, 23 cards (a lot of fashion, all others are random).


Group 5 ($20) - Hand-bound fabric album (no slips for photos, can be an album or scrapbook or whatever), Crown Mill notes, holiday labels, note pack, 2 boxed letterpress holiday cards (pearl paper), 10 cards.



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