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Okay You Guys, There Is A Lot To Be Happy About

This is a peptalk because I’m a bit a frustrated with a lot of democratic twitter right now.

Over all, this is a good night.  

Look, I’m still not over Florida and Georgia, and I’m not gonna be there for a while.


But democratic turnout was insane, they are currently saying that its projected at +9 towards Democrats. That is completely unprecedented and it’s only because a) the house map is gerrymandered to hell and b) the Senate is once in a life time level good for Republicans that we didn’t blow it out of the water. But tonight is a huge step towards fixing those disadvantages, in states all around the country.

We have the House. That is huge in terms of stopping Trump. We are making huge gains on the state level. And we were never getting the Senate in 2018, but here is the thing: in 2020 the Senate map is almost as bad for Republicans as 2018 was for Democrats, so there is very much a chance next time around.

And in the meantime we have elected over 100 women to Congress. We have elected the first 2 muslim women. The first native American woman (who is also a bisexual MMA fighter, that doesnt get old.) Millions of people got their right to vote back in Florida. Medicaid expansions are passing in different places.And so much more.

Also as a final point, what Beto did tonight was HUGE and I refuse to hear otherwise. It would have been insanely sweet to see Cruz go down but if was fundamentally incredibly unlikely. That it was so close is amazing and it’s totally possible he carried several house Democrats over the line. Plus, it frees him up for 2020, and honestly I don’t totally hate that idea.


Tell me what you are most excited about from tonight.

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