I just...I can't get into these boots. Like, I understand that they are supposed to be Super Amazing and a great completely unaffordable wardrobe staple (these were a gift passed down by my aunt, FYI, I may like clothes but they are WAY outside my budget).

On the plus side, they are comfortable, warm and everyone seems to think they are fabulous.

On the minus side, they fall down and 90% of the time I am in them I don't feel like super sexy Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman, but a disheveled swashbuckler.

I am scared to sell them because...what if I miss them? I will never be able to buy them again! Then again, I don't want a pair of boots that make me look like an idiot pirate.


I don't even know if I am that impressed when I see famous people in them. So I am asking you guys what I should do. Because I am helpless. Aside from giving them to you—if I were richer I would be more generous.