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OKC and feminism

I recently joined OKC and - in an effort to amuse myself - told men to message me if they identify as a feminist. Most guys ignore that, obviously, but I've kept a google doc of all of the messages I get that actually address this comment in my profile. I thought I would share with you all, in case you're interested!

Notably, there are actually some straight men who identify as feminists! Is it sad that I was surprised by this? But the non-feminist responses are HILARIOUS. My favorites are in bold.

  • I didn't realize guys could be feminists. Isn't it more important to strive for equal rights, instead of empowering one gender over the other? People are people, so why place such an emphasis on feminism or masculism?
  • Are there guys who identify as feminists? I sure wouldn't think so. I think the western world has it all wrong. The Afghans have it all right with their Islamic law.
  • I support all feminist and female causes, I've always held true that a matricachal led society is a successful society
  • I've identified as a feminist for the last 4.5 years. Not even kidding. I dated a lady who helped me realize my thoughts on gender were right in line with the basics of feminism. Yay. Also that's probably a humble brag? idk…
  • I suppose I shouldn't write you as I only identify as a humanist, and relatively speaking I'm a foot (or so) less down to earth than you.
  • I most certainly identify as a feminist. One of my favorite topics is gender roles and how dumb, degrading, and unoriginal they are (along with all of the other "isms"). I like people who are outside the mold. Role/Reboot is the feminist site I frequent btw.
  • I don't identify as a feminist, I'm more for rejecting socially created gender roles and doing whatever makes you happy. But, I have many feminist friends and agree with many of their views. That being said, I love debating and have my own views.
  • How exactly do you define feminism? There seem to be many different definitions some of which I identify with while others I do not. Here is my personal take on what feminism is/ought to be. Feminism is the value that under the law women have equal rights. It also means that society should value the idea that one should not prejudge solely on sex. However I believe that the law should allow any individual to not hold this value and be free to discriminate if they please (even in the private work place although I believe this is economically foolish and over time I believe such discrimination would continue to diminish as people see it's disadvantage) I also believe that acknowledging the obvious differences in anatomy and coming to certain conclusions that one sex may be inherently better at doing task X is not anti-feminist and many intentional politically correct stances and positions that defy science and biology for the sake of 'feminism' is unproductive and dishonest as well as somewhat insulting to women.

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