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OKC Diary #10: Back From the Dead, But Just for a Minute

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This week, we've got the ghost that wasn't, a peek into the future, and fun with science.


A quick note on the numbering of these: Apparently I titled two weeks in a row with "OKC Diary #4." Whoops. I went through and fixed the numbering on the past ones (even though now the URLs won't match the titles, grrr) and now we should be back on track.

The Piemaker

Remember how last week I said that the Piemaker and I seemed to be mutually ghosting on each other? Well, on Monday night (after I'd gone to sleep) I got a text from him. (About the weather, which for some reason we talked about a lot in texts.) I responded late the next morning and got a response to my text on Thursday evening. So that's a "conversation" in three texts spread out over about 72 hours. So not ghosting, apparently, but not really keeping in touch either.


Yesterday he texted me again, first about the weather and then asking how I'd been. At which point I told him that I'd been thinking and wasn't sure it was going to work out between us. And as it turned out, he had been thinking the same, though he had been planning on asking me to get tea or something and then having this conversation instead of doing it over text. (What can I say, I'm a terrible person and/or a very stereotypical millennial. Possibly both.) He seemed totally chill about it, so my assumption is that he decided ghosting on me wasn't a nice thing to do and tried to stay in contact a bit so that he/we could end things properly. Which I can give him credit for, and I hope he finds a lovely young woman who clicks a bit better with him.

The Brit

The really weird thing about talking to the Brit is that it's somehow both a romantic relationship and a totally casual one. We both openly acknowledge that we're interested in the other (on several levels), but because we know it's unlikely to go anywhere, he also does things like ask me about my dates, and I've said I'll give him feedback on how he could improve his profile. It's a very strange setup.


Your Brit quote of the week, from our Skype date yesterday: "I didn't choose the thug life. My mum picked it out for me."

Lord Byron

Lord Byron and I have been texting at least a little bit every day this week (including right now!). We were maybe going to see each other last night—he was waiting to hear back from some flaky friends he had been trying to make plans with—but he ended up cancelling on both me and his friends because his roommate just got dumped. I can cut him some slack there, since a) friends in need should always come before someone you've been on two dates with, and b) it would be a seriously dick move to ditch your heartbroken roommate so that you can go meet up with some girl (and then hopefully bring her back to your place).


Date #9: A Preview

I got a message last week from a guy who used a lot of parentheses and rambled a bit, but in a charming way. His is the first message I've gotten this week that actually made me want to look at his profile, and he seems interesting. We chatted very briefly and then made plans to meet on Monday and go ice skating, since that's the last day of the season for the rink in the sculpture garden and neither of us have ever been.


The last message he sent me included the word "saweet" and two "haha"s, so I'm beginning to question how wise a decision this was, but I guess we'll find out tomorrow. This will be my first OKC first date that isn't coffee on a weekend, so we'll see how it goes.

The Rest

New candidate for Least Effective OKC Message: "I think we might get along." That's it. That's the whole message.

It sure would be nice to eventually get together with you for a friendly coffee with no expectations. I'd like to get to know you on here first! Let me know if you're interested.


There's something about that last one that just seems weird, like maybe a robot wrote it? Also, the guy's picture has a weirdly intense stare.

(As a scientist) I am not good at coming up with "usual" pickup lines but I believe there should be a mathematical explanation how cute you are :)


Okay, that one was actually kinda charming. But he followed it up with "I would appreciate if there is any way that I could get to know you better." Um… there is? It's called looking at my profile and actually trying to have a conversation with me, maybe you should try it sometime?

That's it for this week's OKC adventures. As a scientist, I'll see you next week.

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