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OKC Diary #14: He Blinded Me With Science

Pretty good week for actual dates, awful week for mockable messages. Also, anonymous browsing is still my new favorite thing.

The Brit

We've been terrible at talking lately, so I don't have a good Brit Quote of the Week this week. Sorry.


Date #10

After I posted on Sunday, I got a solid message that actually responded to things in my profile in an interesting manner. His profile was good—he's sarcastic, he shares my taste in books/movies, and he made a Pinky & the Brain reference—so we chatted throughout the day and made plans to get drinks on Thursday. I'll refer to him as the Mad Scientist, thanks to a line in his profile. ("People who know me would probably say that I'm more cheerful than I let on here. If that is so, I imagine I'm cheerful in the same way that a mad scientist might be.")


We hadn't planned where exactly we were going to go, so we met at the metro and walked to a bar he'd been wanting to try out. It was really loud, though, so we left and ended up at a random hotel bar that we found a block away. (That sounds weird. It was a very nice hotel, and the bar was pretty snazzy.) I got a cocktail that tasted a little like pear cough syrup and he tried out the bar's beer selection while we talked. He was interesting and friendly, but also just the perfect level of awkward. ("I'm really bad at flirting, but I can give it a go if you want me to.") He's also very attractive and was wearing a tie with tiny robots on it.

We talked for about two hours, at which point we both gave each other the option to make a smooth exit. Neither of us particularly wanted to, so we walked down to another restaurant and had dinner. Then he gave me a ride home and asked if he could kiss me goodnight. Which led to us making out in his car for a little while. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


So obviously I like him. Some more specific thoughts: He's nerdy in some ways that I'm really not—specifically in his love of RPGs and the Ren Faire—but I think I can handle that. He's up-front on his profile about the fact that he's both kinky and poly. The former I don't totally know how I feel about—I have zero kink experience—but I think I'm open to it. The latter I think would be an issue if I were looking for a long-term relationship, where I'd probably want to be exclusive, but I'm not looking for anything specific right now. If we get along well, I'm fine having it be a casual and/or short-term thing.

He reminds me of Sam in some ways. (You remember Sam, yeah?) I think the Mad Scientist is more cynical, a little darker (in a good way), and more forward/confident, but they both have a bit of awkwardness to them and an openness that I really appreciate. I've expressed my feelings about "chill" already, and I'm really just tired of these guys where I don't know what they're thinking about anything. I hate feeling like I have to pretend that I don't have a full set of emotions.


Oh, and he's hella tall. Like, almost 6'5". That's a 13-inch height difference there. Anyway, we're supposed to see each other again tomorrow.

Date #11: A Preview

I know, I know, every time I try to talk about a date before it's happened, it ends up falling through. Clearly I don't learn.


Date #11 is one of the guys I matched with in my quickmatch-athon last week. We'll call him Francois, because he just came back from a year in France. We mostly talked about France and travel in our messages, but sometime last week I kind of got bored with/forgot about OKC and started ignoring all of my messages. Not intentionally or with any good reason, just because. Fortunately, he is more on top of his game and sent a message yesterday asking if I wanted to get drinks. We're meeting on Tuesday at a science-themed bar.

His profile is pretty sparse—mostly just stuff about France and some decent taste in entertainment—but he seems like he could be nice. He's on the other side of the height spectrum: He's 5'3", which is the same height as me. If you averaged him and the Mad Scientist together they'd both be a far more reasonable height.


The Rest

I've gotten a handful of messages this week, but nothing really very interesting. There is this, though:


I can't decide if he's being persistent (over the course of three months?), or if he just forgot that he already messaged me. Probably the latter.

Until next week, folks.

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