I’ve got a few things to share today, but for the most part this week has been super uneventful.

The Most Awkward Date Yet: A Follow-Up

Remember how last week I told you about the super awkward date I had? The one that was so awkward that he didn’t even bother trying to kiss me because obviously we were both aware of how super awkward it was?

Yeah, he asked me out again. I don’t know if he just didn’t think it was that bad, or if he thought it was worth another shot since our first date wasn’t all that bad. Either way, it was definitely not going to happen and I politely turned him down.

The Brit

You guys, I’m worried. I don’t think the Brit properly appreciates Ronbledore. I don’t know if I can put up with that.


There was also some cowboy-themed sexting the other night, which was exactly as terrible and hilarious as it sounds.


Date #12

Okay, I know I said nothing happened this week and here I am writing about a date I went on, but it really wasn’t much of a date. The person*—we’ll call him Regis, because he has a great Regis Philbin pun as his username—is really nice and we have a lot in common, but he’s in an open relationship and looking for something non-romantic (which I assume means casual sex). And while I’m not inherently opposed to that, it’s another logistical problem. As you may remember from my posts about the Mad Scientist, I don’t like bringing guys home. However, he lives with his partner and I’m really not sure I’d be comfortable going into another woman’s home and sleeping with her partner (even if she’s okay with it).


However, he was very clear in his profile that when he marked “friends” as something he was looking for, he meant it. And I like making friends (this is a lie, but I do like having friends) so I figure I’ll keep talking to him for a while. Our date was really just us hanging out and talking for an hour or so. Nothing much to write home about.

*He’s non-binary, but I think he uses he/him/his pronouns. I keep meaning to confirm that but keep forgetting when I message him.


The Rest

Got a message from a guy who seems nice and has cute red hair, but I just haven’t cared enough to respond yet. I’ve been really inactive on OKC this week in general, so I don’t have many good things to share here.


This guy messaged me:


Anyway, that’s it for this week. I might actually do some messaging and such this week, in which case next week will be more interesting, but don’t count on it.