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OKC Diary #7: Of Misandry and Men

I need your opinions on Anna Kendrick. Oh, and also here's some stuff about boys.

Date #7: A Follow-Up

I apparently didn't even bother giving a nickname to date #7 last week, which should probably have been a clue as to how unenthusiastic I was about him. Still, I gave him my number at the end of our date and, when he texted me, agreed to meet again.


As the week went on, I grew less and less interested in a second date. It's not that there was anything wrong with him, or with our first date. It's just that I wasn't particularly excited about the prospect of seeing him again. Part of that is that when I said I couldn't do drinks Friday night (work), he instead suggested day-drinking on Saturday, which seemed like a rather odd choice of second date, and one I wasn't interested in. (He also suggested that we do this in the suburb where I work and he lives, despite my having already expressed how little I like said suburb.) We eventually settled on wandering around a museum downtown on Saturday afternoon.

But, come Friday, the forecast was showing snow/sleet and wind, and I hadn't gotten as much work done during the week as I needed to, and I was still not totally into the idea of seeing him again, so (after consulting twitter for advice) I texted asking if we could postpone. He said sure, but then added:

But I just want to make sure your heart is truly into the idea of a second date. I've had this happen before because they weren't really interested, and then they just ended up going permanently AWOL.

And I had to admit that my heart really wasn't in it. I felt kind of bad about it, but we agreed that there probably wasn't much point in wasting time meeting up again.

Date #8

We'll call date #8 Lord Byron, though he has made it clear that he takes Lord Byron as a poetic role model only, and certainly not a life role model. I'd been messaging with Lord Byron for a few weeks now, and he seemed pleasant enough. We'd been considering meeting up last weekend, but my schedule was pretty hectic, so we pushed it to this week. Since neither of us drinks coffee, we decided to meet at the same tea place where I had dates 1 and 7. I like it there, okay?


[A tangent: Strangely enough, the majority of the guys I've met up with haven't been coffee-drinkers. Of eight dates, I think #2, #4, and the Piemaker are the only ones who have gotten coffee, and the Piemaker got decaf. I wonder if coffee is secretly less popular than I think it is, or if it's just that the kind of guys I'm interested in tend to drink it less for some reason.]

We couldn't find a place to sit there or at either of the two nearby Starbucks, so we ended up getting our drinks to go and walking around the neighborhood. That was a nice change of place from the usual first date, but it also may have made conversation a bit more difficult. (And it was super slushy.) He was nice, and he's attractive, but I don't know if I'll see him again, or if he's even particularly interested in seeing me again. We'll see.


The Best Rom-Com Ever, Cont.

The Brit and I have been talking for three weeks now and crossed the 100-message mark on Friday. He continues to be charming and wonderful. We've discussed Skyping and will probably do so in the near-ish future, since the damn Atlantic ocean is in the way of us actually meeting in person.


I mentioned the incredibly attractive glasses ad to him and said that I had decided to pack my bags and run off with the glasses man. Alas, when I refreshed the page to read the Brit's latest message, he was replaced by a Volkswagen ad, leaving only memories behind. The Brit sent this in response:

Ne'er has there been a tale of such woe
As Bonnet and her glasses ad bro.

Jess and ihatepickingnames have decided to cast this rom-com and think I should be played by Anna Kendrick. I think Anna Kendrick is unnervingly pointy and would prefer Rachel McAdams. My sister agrees with me (and would like to be played by Emma Stone). While Anna Kendrick is one of the Brit's top celebrity crushes, he thinks McAdams would be better for the part. I need opinions on this, and also to share this tweet from MissyPants, which describes Anna Kendrick perfectly:


The Piemaker

Is getting back from Texas tonight but has texted me a few times in the past week, so presumably we'll see each other this week or over the weekend.


The Rest

A cute redhead with "Shakespeare" in his name liked me and I was moderately interested until I saw that he'd listed Catcher in the Rye as one of his favorite books. Right like that, I lost all interest in him. Anyone else have dealbreaker books/movies like that? (Other than anything Ayn Rand, which is a given.)


I got a message from a guy who listed this as one of his "six things I could never live without":

cold Campbell's soup from the can

At which point I shouted, "Ew, ew, god, no, why would you put that?!" That shit's nasty. Keep that information to yourself.


This next guy is 42 and a 65% match/27% enemy. Usually I just ignore older men, but they also rarely bother to write personalized messages and instead go for "hey gorgeous wanna chat" or the like.


Well then. Someone's feeling sassy this morning.

Send me generic nonsense once and I'm going to ignore you. Send it twice, however…


(I decided it wasn't worth responding again.)

And on that note, we'll call it a wrap. Always nice to end with some good old-fashioned misandry.

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