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OKC Diary #9: In Which I Turn Down a Fight

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More of the same old faces this week... well, some of them, at least.

The Piemaker

Is it still considered ghosting if both people do it? I haven't heard from the Piemaker since we slept together last Friday... but I also haven't reached out to him. I had been thinking that I'd keep seeing him for a little while, but I think I've decided that the sex really isn't worth it, and while he's nice, I don't think we quite click well enough for it to turn into an actual relationship.


So for now I'm just kind of not saying anything to him and not being particularly concerned that he's not saying anything to me.

The Brit

I had mentioned GT (not by name) to Brit in the context of talking about discovering that Gerdie and I work together. I ended up telling him that I write these OKC posts and have included him in them but said that if he wasn't comfortable with that, I would stop. He was just fine with it and provided the following for me to write in this post.


"Told the Brit today [ed note: Wednesday] that I write about him on here. I was really nervous that he was going to take it in the wrong way and not approve, but he actually seems like he enjoys the fact that I do. Do you think I should tell him that I've told you that I told him that I tell you about him, or is that just getting too meta?"

He also seems rather tickled to learn that several of you enthusiastically ship the two of us. Though when we skyped yesterday we did explicitly recognize that it's incredibly unlikely anything will actually come of this. (Sorry, shippers.)


We've also been sending each other adorkable snapchats to each other, which is delightful. (And some, ahem, not-so-adorkable snapchats.)

Oh, and this was cute.

Lord Byron

I went out with Lord Byron two weeks ago for coffee and while it wasn't the best date I've ever been on, he was nice (and attractive) and I enjoyed our conversation, so I thought I'd go for a second date. Unfortunately, my having to work last weekend meant that we postponed until last night.


We had planned on seeing The Imitation Game and then getting drinks after, but the show was sold out and it was a nice night so we ended up walking down to the skating rink on the National Mall and watching people fall on their butts while we sat on a bench and chatted for a while. The cafe there has excellent mulled wine, so we also got some of that. And then we went back to his place and he made cocktails, which ended up getting abandoned half-finished in favor of more enjoyable activities.

He's friendly and interesting and smart and fairly good in bed (better than the Piemaker, certainly), so I figure I'll keep this going for a while if he's interested. And, I say again: very attractive. And he hates Catcher in the Rye, which is always a good sign.


The Rest

A guy sent me a sincere, decent message in which he mentioned Judith Butler, so I checked out his profile. While it was mostly fine, it got a little weird sometimes. For example, "My best friends have called me an empiricist" (among other things he has been called that I can't remember). One of his six things he could never live without is "a sense of wonder." *eyeroll* And then one of his pictures is of him on a "service trip to Haiti to help build a school," wearing a necklace and holding a random black child. I told him I wasn't interested.


I got this message from a guy with a really crappy profile:

Hey dude - I'm not 100% on how the okCubid shit goes but I'd love to have a conversation with real opinions as long as it's not about anything actually significant. My submission: Community is better than Dr. Who by an immeasurable amount. Convince me otherwise? Doubt it. As for big talk, what's your deal and is God dead?


Why do so many guys want to fight with me about Doctor Who? Why would I be interested in that? (Note that by "so many guys" I mean two guys, and the other one was the rude old guy from a few weeks back.)

It's been relatively quiet (or at least boring) in my messages recently, so that's all for this week. See you next time.

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