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OKC Erotica: Volume I

As promised, presented without comment. NSFW, obvs.

Imagine us two being alone in your bedroom. I close the door. And I rush my body towards yours. Fuck you're so hot. And tonight you're getting fucked soo good. I take my hands around your waist and push you against the closest wall. I stare into your eyes before giving you a tongue kiss. I take my right hand on your left cheek while kissing you. Fuck, you kiss so good. I can't handle my excitement any more, so I start taking my hands under your top and drag them slowly up. Slowy over your perfect stomach.

While doing this i take my mouth close to your neck and bite it slowly.

I take my teeth, bite you, and drag your skin up. And slowly after releasing it I kiss over the mark. My hands are almost at your bra. I want to caress your tits soo good. But I want to do it on the bed. I lift you over to your bed. And lay on top of you with my legs on each side of your hips. I take my head closer to your body. And start kissing you on your neck. Fuck its so good. And for each kiss I bite on the same spot. And then I kiss you on the bite mark before going to the next place on your neck. While doing this I'm sooo eager to finally lay my hands on your tits. I love your breasts.

I take my hands under your top again. And drag them slowly towards your bra. I start slowly at your belly and stroke my hands closer and closer to your perfect tits. Finally I can take a big nice grope of your bra cup. And the feeling it gives me wow.... It makes it so fuckings tight in my pants where my boxers are. It's making me grow and I think you should give me some hints on what you want me to do with my jeans. Please take your hands right over where my jeans zipper is and get a feel of how my cock is growing.

After playing with your perfect perky tits. I'm ready to take your top off. I drag my fingers under the edge of your top. And slowly take a slow grip around it and pull it upward. And for each cm that is revealed of your stomach I kiss that spot. Mm fuck babe. When your top is completely off I reach for your bra straps.

I take my fingers slowly and push each strap down slowly. I first take your left strap off, and kiss your shoulder, traps and then on your neck. Then I go to your right strap and do exactly the same. Only making me hornier and hornier. I take my unbuttoned jeans and pull them a little down. So you are able to see my cock grow inside of my tight white boxers.


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