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OKC Erotica: Volume II

Second verse, same as the first. A little bit louder, and a whole lot worse. NSFW!

After taking each off your bra straps slowly. I lift your bra off and start sucking your perfect nipples. Darling your breasts are so perfect. They are so perfectly sized.... I would basically stick my head inside there and lick you all day. I take my mouth as close as I can to your nipples and make sure both of my lips touch your perfect chest. While my lips are touching your skin, I take my teeth and bite your nipples. I bite them firmly but tight enough so I can drag your nipples slowly out. MMM this is so unbelievable. After caressing your left breast I do the same to your right. ;) After this my cock is so insanely hard. I cant take the pressure building in my boxers. I lay down on your bed so my head is right between your legs.

After placing my head in between your legs. I get a glimpse of your lace panties and the perfect honey that they are covering. I can't believe I'm allowed to do this to you. I place my mouth on the front part covering your lovely pussy and I kiss it good. While doing this I take both my hands and gently stroke my fingers under the pantie lines. Stroking them up and down, and sometimes moving them deeper under the pantie, so I touch your pussy lips even so gently. You are soaking wet. Wow... I see a stain starting to grow on your panties. I move my right hand away from under your panties and press my two fingers right over the stain and then I lick the moisture that is on my fingertips. After doing that, I press those two fingers down over your panties, pressing the fabric so deep into your pussy. Digging it deeper and deeper, as far as the fabric allows me to stretch it and I release it. And press my fingers into your panties again. After doing this, I'm so ready to taste your nectar. I take my fingers on each side of your pantie, and rip it off and make myself ready to give you an awesome licking.

I take both my hands and stroke both of your legs, up and down, up and down. While doing this I take my head closer and closer to your pussy. And immediately before my tongue touches your pussy, I get eye contact with you. And then I let my tongue get into you. I take my tongue so far out as I can, and I move my head in the same motions as my tongue.. In and out and up and down. After licking you for a while, and your pussy is releasing some awesome tasting pussy juice. I'm ready to really dig into your pussy so hard.


It's word for word the same as Whiskey in The Shade's Part 2.

What do you think, GT? Should I send him Chapter 3 as my reply?

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