So I finally got brave enough to post a picture on OKC, and sure enough, I am getting some messages now. I'm 40, and the age range that I say I'm looking for is 38-47. My profile is also filled out fairly well, with a lot of information about things I like and the type of person I'm looking for. But I seem to only get messages from people in these categories:

  • Age = 20s
  • Age = 60s
  • idiots
  • dullards who just say "Hi" (uninteresting) or "How are you" (I'm fine)
  • copy/paste form messages that are generic and clearly just broadcast to anyone with tits and holes

So what is the etiquette for replies? So far, I just haven't responded at all โ€” I think non-response is the correct answer especially for categories #3 and 5 โ€” but for some of these, especially the 20s/60s guys, I would like to be a little more kind. Suggestions on how to phrase that? I'm looking for a contemporary โ€” and it's not that these guys are bad guys, they're just really not what I want at this stage in my life. Thanks โ€”