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OKC gem for real; a follow up post

Every now and again one of these lands in your inbox. Le sigh. I’m old enough to know I’m getting stroked, but it is such a welcome change to see that a man took the time to read the profile all the way through. I read his all the way, too.

(a particular context: my entire answer to the category of Books, Food, Movies, etc. is 3 lines of lyrics from a song with a link to the performance. 9 pound hammer, dears.)

I guess my theme this past 7 days is, “THERE IS HOPE for everyone.”

p.s.~ My schedule didn’t allow for a second date with my friends brother this week or next, and we really tried. He’s being really understanding of my work craziness, even though he really doesn’t understand it. Open communication for the win!



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