It's Friday! Let's dish about our worst (and best!) OKC interactions of the week.

One just happened a minute ago. He messaged me and before responding I looked at his profile. Most of it was pretty normal until I got to his "you should message me if" section. He says that you should message him if "you're not a skank or a gold digger" and "if you like sex but don't need it". For a moment I was like "ew fuck this guy" but then I figured I would play devils advocate and ask him what he meant by all that shit. Cause...what DOES it mean to like sex but not need it?

"A Solano would be a girl who uses sex as a tool or therapy instead of part of a relationship"

My response:

"What about girls who don't use it as a tool or therapy but are outside of a relationship?"


Annnnnd that's the part where he stopped the conversation. I guess he must have figured out that I'm a "skank".

Another good one? This guy told me that he wanted to read his poetry naked. I laughed. Then he basically told me that I would be in attendance for this nude poetry reading. That's right. He didn't ask me. He told me. That I would be watching him read poetry nude on the first date. (let that simmer inside your skull for a moment) When I set him straight, his response was "so I guess we should be spontaneous instead then". Dude, no.