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OKC is so fickle.

A week ago someone messages me. I hadn't seen their profile before so I checked it out and they seemed cool and the message was super long and interesting and she picked great things from my profile so highlight. I messaged back. She messages back. I messaged back. And then nothing. So because I'm pathetic, three days later I sent this: "hi, I was looking forward to chatting more because you seem super cool. If you're not interested, that's cool, but I just thought I'd say I'm down to chat more or meet up for ice cream or something." She messaged me a little bit later saying this: "I've been out of town camping. In hindsight I probably should have waited to message you until afterword. I'm at work right now and I'll send another message later." That was four days ago and I still haven't gotten anything else.

Just weird. Don't worry, I'm not gonna bug her any more, I just don't understand why she would have responded at all, much less say she would chat more. Just frustrating because the short conversation was so good (though apparently only for me).


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