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OKC RantoRama

(tl;dr at bottom) I have not been doing anything on the dating scene because everything else in life is happening. Plus, super wary.

But I signed up for OKC and this guy was checking me out and I thought he was cute, plus he does computer software and is a little older 35 (I'm 40s) and talked about his kids.

He's going on about how he's an introvert and women don't like geeks. And I'm like dude, you are talking to a girl right now.


Then he starts about how he can't really feel close to a girl unless there is a lot of sex. mmhmm. I say straight out - I'm not looking for a sex buddy. So if that's what he's looking for we should move on.

Then he's talking about his ex-girlfriend and how they were perfect for each other except her daughter was a brat and it was upsetting his child so they broke up. On and on and all about how he doesn't usually open up to people because he's so introverted.

I finally say - do you have any questions for me? His question is "how would you feel about having lots of sex with a horny software engineer you're really into." I got pissed. Seriously? This is not an 18 year old.

Again I said. I'm not looking for a just sex relationship. It sounds like that's what you are looking for.


Then he proceeds to write this whole thing about how his ex hated sex until she met him and then orgasm central blah blah. My response .. so again, this is about you.

He says that even though I'm not looking for a sex relationship, a night riding his dick would change me.


I realize I should have ended this conversation way way sooner, but Seriously! I thought he seemed like a nice geek and a dad who had his shit together. And instead, he's some asshole who complains about women not liking him and then seems to only be able to have a conversation about sex. And himself.

I have been celibate for almost four years now. This is why. This, this is why I just have so little respect for men at all. And every time I think about trying to put myself out there - which is hard enough because I'm not conventionally attractive - I am reminded why I would, for the most part, be alone.


tl;dr Guy seems normal with kids, is unable to talk about anything other than himself and is obsessed with sex. I retreat to my closet of nunnary and feel stupid for even trying.

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