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OKC Ratings: WTF?

I just got this message on OKC:

I find something new and fun on this website every time I look. So I did a search
based on attractiveness (5 star plus on average) and you came up.

So, did you know how hot you were? LOL Jack

Wait. Is that a thing?! I never search for anyone with any criteria. I just go to "matches" and look around. You can search by attractiveness and that is determined by how many people star your profile?! I always thought the stars meant that you had a cool profile and someone was interested. At least thats how *I* dole out ratings. I never really thought about it being a gauge of attractiveness before. That, to me, is a little weird. At least on match they can rate your photos separately from your profile. I'm not a giant fan of that either, but this shit feels skeezy as hell.


Is there any way to opt out of that? I mean, it's swell that people apparently think I'm cute or whatever. But I'd kind of prefer to not show up in searches according to how attractive I am. Not only is it fucking dehumanizing, but it seems like a really great way to continue getting idiotic and perverted messages from losers. And also a great way to continue accidentally going out with assholes who are mainly interested in blowing loads in my general direction.

Can I stop this? Or is this just another con to being a member of OKC?

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