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OKC round-up

Because only crazy people talk to me.

This guy who got mad because I didn't message him back because I have a life:

"You've studied psychology, would it say anything about how you don't enjoy talking to me? Perhaps it would say you're a sad person, depressed, feeling empty. The DSM-IV would classify you as anxiety ridden, obsessive. The guy has to have exactly what you want and can't have any quirks. Interesting... you're desire for men with stretched ears implies narcissism, and a need for companionship that doesn't last. What's so refreshing about that? Not a thing!"


And then sent another!

"And my ex was a crazy vegan feminist. It didn't make any sense because she expected me to do all the work and feminists want equal opportunities. What's so equal about never wanting to do any of the work?"


This excellent marriage proposal:

"I don't need to know anymore about you to know I love you and want a life with you... I want to kiss you, and hold you, make love to you and make children with you... Live the rest of my life learning about all those things your going to tell me I need to know before I can say I love you and want a life with you."


"I'd read a book just to fuck you."

"Hey there gorgeous are you looking for casual sex??"

"Hi, i'm very forward and honest.
I would love to play a game of beer pong with bets with you.
Ex, every cup i make you have to give me a kiss.
Sound fun? If so, what would you like to play every cup you make?"


"I would love to get to know your lips a lot better"

"Hey, let's get married and have two kids and live happily ever after."

Among a myriad of "Hey Sexxxy." and "want to join a threesomes?"

In conclusion, I am never dating ever again. And that's totally okay.


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