I can't believe this. I've been exchanging long and amazing messages from a LEGIT guy on OKC. Is this real life?

First: I have only once gotten a guys number. Because I've only had one boyfriend. He was an ass.

Second: this guy is seriously a real man, and thus a rare find. He isn't a creep, is genuine, thoughtful, kind, educated, and has a job-and not an aspiring actor/musician/stalker. He's funny as hell, compliments me-but not to the point of a level one hundred creep-and we swapped some really great stories. He's interesting, erudite, gives me book suggestions and takes my movie suggestions, and cares about his family and stuff. He lives in 'The Real World', as opposed to the 'I am a man child, lets meet in a sketchy area and fuck' world. In short, I got lucky. I cannot believe this. I seriously cannot believe I found this dude.

So I am having a gif party. Expressing my feels. Feel free to join in, and tell me you're OKC lucky stories!

Dancing Nite Owl.


Awww yeah I rock Marilyn.

Stoked Tony Stark.


Kanye. Because.



Dancing in my chair.

The Comedian one is because I am just so stoked. Also I wanted to include him, even though he was a "bad guy". DON'T JUDGE ME HE'S THE POOR WOMENS RDJ!


I'm just so excited! Not going to jump the gun though. This is just a milestone.